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Unique 2 Week Dyslexia Program



Tackle the root cause, get fast results.


Fix reading, spelling, concentration, memory & confidence issues & more





No more

- Fuzzy Words

- Moving Letters

- Rivers of Text

- 3D Writing


Read like never before!

Stop dreading

- Writing Emails

- Making Notes

- Writing on the board
in meetings


Spelling made easy


"Rama found that he was able to remember numbers & digits more easily. Citing an example of being on the phone to HMRC & remembering more of the codes he needed to quote. His reading speed has gone up & he is also able to remember what he has read."

Rama 31 years

"When he came home from work he could remember all the figures he'd been working with, & could still remember them the next day, & when measuring out for a shelf in a new cupboard he remembered the measurements better than I did when shopping the next day!"

Dustin 28 years
Social Situations & Confidence
Put behind you

- Awkward

- Nagging Thoughts

- Feeling you're dumb


Walk Confidently -
Set New Records

Say goodbye to

- Poor formation

- Mixed Case Letters

- Sloping Lines

- Incorrect Copying


With handwriting to
be proud of!

Make a thing of the

- Misjudging distance

- That stressed feeling

- Over tiredness at the


Find driving a new

Time Keeping and Priorities

Give yourself the tools to manage things

Ran out of time

Dread the daily admin?


Feel like you are surrounded by mountains of paperwork and struggling to understand what it all says in the first place? Wish you could find work that didn't involve form filling? Getting into trouble for incorrect reports? Or being held back in your career because you can't take paper based tests?


"Numerous 'trial runs' took place before the pen touched the paper: not only would she have made spelling mistakes, but her train of thought would have been lost and the sentence would have appeared nonsensical. Instructions had to be read to her a couple of times before the method sunk in and she was able to concentrate on it."

Amy 51 years

Address your academic challenges so you can learn new skills.


Know you need to take more training to progress in your role, but it's more than you can face? Never felt comfortable in a classroom environment and dread being enrolled on courses by your employer?

Ongoing Learning

No longer say

"I'm useless at courses."

"Can you explain that again?"

"No more training for me."

Set your future in the right direction.

Could you have... ahead before?

...been in a better job?

...said good bye to the frustration years ago?


Get ahead now.

If I'd had the Program Earlier
"Even if it was ten times more expensive, I would recommend it to anyone with dyslexia."

Amy - Lancashire
"I am really pleased with what progress I have made up the company tree since that treatment.""
Aurelia - Scotland
" I realised I had a problem, but didn't know there was a way out. Expensive, but it's worth it."

Murray - Oxford


Real world help for your logical next step.


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