A good memory can earn you a promotion (true story).

Working with a memory that acts like a leaky sieve is pretty darn annoying, you have to admit. However I was seriously shocked by the entertaining story of a clients.


At the centre we believe that it is an invaluble asset to be able to commit to memory your times tables from 1-12 and Doug was attempting to instil into his 14 year old son how vitally important this was. In his efforts to persuade his reluctant teenage he told us both the following story:


“I once had a colleague who won a promotion by knowing his tables.” He announced.  “He worked for an accountancy firm and one of his first jobs was to code invoices.”


“Each invoice has to be given a code to allocate it to a cost centre. The long list of codes are stored in a book which you refer to, each time you sit down to code the invoices.” He explained.


On his second day at work Johan was called into the bosses office and asked how he had you been able to finish his coding work so quickly? He had completed in 2 hours, what usually took a day.”


“You see,” continued Doug,  “the day before Johan had borrowed the Code Book for the night and taken it home to memorise all the codes. So when it came to entering them up, instead of referring to the list of codes, he was able to retrieve them like cherries from his memory. Which allowed him to complete his task in record time.”


“The boss was so pleased with Johan’s ability that he immediately assigned him a high role where he could further utilise it.”


Hmmm… you know what?  I reckon a good memory could be pretty useful actually.


It’s been too long since you had a job promotion, so come on the ALC program and get your memory improved, receive your promotion and start earning more.


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