ALC – UK’s first therapist was Mrs Jo Shedden. Mrs Shedden has several children, at least 2 of whom had dyslexia.


In February 2012 Mrs Shedden’s sister-in-law, a teacher based in Australia, and mentioned that she had come across the ALC program and suggested that it may be of help.


By mid-2012 Mrs Shedden had thoroughly researched the ALC program and spoken to a number of families in Australia who had undertaken the treatment. She was particularly interested to know if the program worked for adults, as her son, who she hoped to put through the program, was now 32 years old. Over and over again she heard the same positive message – no two were alike, but all had found benefit in some way or other.


So now it was time for action and in the July of 2012 Mrs Shedden put two of her family through the program.


It wasn’t long before she was witnessing the same amazing improvements herself. The first ones being increased understanding and comprehension, along with dramatically decreased frustration and anxiety. All of which had a significant impact to daily life.


After experiencing the fantastic results in her own family, Mrs Shedden felt compelled to make the program available to others in the Northern Hemisphere, by setting up ALC – UK.


Listen to the story of her family’s experience below.



So it would be fair to say that when you share your details with either Mrs Shedden or Mr Shedden, (Mrs Shedden’s husband, who handles the admin and finance for the centre) you will find that little will shock them. They have a unique ability to be able to truly empathise with the wide range of symptoms dyslexia displays.