What Makes Us Different

In addition to having many great traits such as personal first-hand experience of dyslexia, & being a small & highly passionate team, we also have some really different traits. We knew you’d want to know what they are, so here you go!



Or make that ten days of treatment. Whilst a lot of dyslexia programs tend to meander on for months or even years at a time, the ALC program consists of just 10 power sessions. Yes it’s really possible to make a dramatic and lasting change to the brain in just 10 sessions of treatment. How fast is that?!   Many of our clients love the short treatment duration because you can see the end from the beginning. No more bribing or convincing your child back for sessions when their enthusiasm has waned.

“We told him that 10 days wasn’t long to change his whole life.” Jack
“Seriously, what is two weeks of work, if you can set your child up for life?” Aidan
“It was an easy course to try, it is not long and fitted easily in after school and during the holidays.” Liberty
“The ALC program was good because it was just two weeks of treatment & as we come from Sweden it would not have been easy to keep on coming over time after time.” Gordy


Unlike programs that work on things such as handwriting or spelling, the ALC program gets right to the root cause. Not just the side effects. When we sort the issue with the eyes then the rest of the side effects drop off. Once we get the communication channels in the eyes working properly, issues like spelling are sorted because the brain can now retain the information it is being given. With practice during treatment, handwriting can improve very quickly, because the eyes are seeing one image of what the hand is writing, not mixed images. With the communication channels now clear the frustration and anxiety naturally drop, while at the same time the understanding increases. Imagine how frustrated and anxious you’d be if you couldn’t understand things that others around you could. Not just somethings. Lots of things and then you get bad marks for it too.

“After having already tried programs such as Light Wave Stimulation and Auditory Integration we decided to enrol on the ALC program – it looked like the perfect cure….almost seemed too good to be true!! It is unique as it gets to the base problem and sorts it out rather than trying to work alongside the problem.” Angus
“A friend who’d had first-hand experience with the ALC treatment, recommended it might be good for our two children and I can honestly say that yes it’s a lot of money, but there is no other treatment remotely like it that can help all those different area’s so you can’t really compare. There was nothing else available in the UK like this, as far as I’m aware. There is something in the brain that it unlocks, it’s hard to put your finger on it, but something distinctly changes.” Heluska & Hans
“I know of no other non-invasive treatment that will help correct the eye to brain muscle coordination.” Max & Harmony


Often times I will be asked, “So what does the ALC program help then?” and it’s really hard to give a succinct answer. Because unlike a program specifically for working memory or vision issues alone, the program covers many, many areas. Issues such as vision, reading, comprehension, working memory, spelling, maths, handwriting, frustration, anxiety, understanding, concentration, getting thoughts on paper, self-confidence, tiredness, headaches, balance & motion sickness. And that’s just some of them. It really is a very inclusive program. Saving you from putting your child through therapy after therapy for one problem after another. We’ve been there, and we’ve done that and we don’t want you to have to do it anymore.

“It has definitely been the most effective treatment we’ve seen, by far!! One that has the widest reaching affect and made the biggest difference to Olivia’s life and ours.” Olivia
“We are very grateful for this huge change in Richards’s life. It is a problem to know where to start on listing the improvements there have been with him! Richard used to complain of headaches almost daily – now he says he rarely gets one. He would also be exhausted at the end of every school day and ready to sleep for 10 or 11 hours now he needs much less sleep than he used to. 6 months after treatment he had an optician’s check-up and found he only needed 2 prisms as opposed to the 6 he used to need.” Richard
“Well, where do I start….?! Max’s tantrums have stopped, he has never had another shouting, banging, throwing fit since the day we started treatment! I remember the first weekend after treatment when we had some friends over for a meal. It was awesome! It was the first time we’d had friends over with our “new” kids!” Max


The ALC program consistently delivers fast results for the vast majority of our clients. Often clients tell us of changes they’ve noticed whilst attending sessions, sometimes even after just the first one. Although usually it is around Session 5 that it is most often seen. Those that don’t notice it during treatment, will frequently see dramatic changes within the first few weeks or months after finishing with us. Just imagine what this does for those who previously had low self-esteem. When results are seen they show in ways such as rapidly leaping up spelling and reading levels, achieving higher marks for organisational ability in cookery or DT, or receiving commendation from teachers for effort and receiving in school awards for this.

“We started seeing improvements during the treatment, after about 3 or 4 sessions.” Damon
“After we had been to assessment Rebecca showed more interest in writing and began labelling things on her pictures something she had never done before. She started back to school looking forward to Year 2. She loved her new teacher and was moved up from “starfish” to “sharks” in the first week because she could manage the sums that were set her.” Rebecca
“After the first two sessions of treatment, Kain spoke of feeling “clear” in his head!” Kain
“It was satisfying to see the progress in reading by the end of the sessions.” Liberty
“About 4 days after treatment we started observing improvements. His spelling has improved drastically – he has surprised himself and his teachers that not only he remembered the word, but he knew how to spell hard words that he has never spelt in his life before. He has jumped a lot of levels in maths now, his teacher says that what he does is slow but correct now. He is coming home every day now and telling me that he has got a really good marks in his work – this is so rewarding!  He is just leaping up levels in all his work.” Jack
“Harmony’s teacher could not believe the progress that she made in the 1st term after treatment. She flew up the grades and what’s more she would participate in group discussions which was also a first. They were thrilled with her progress.” Harmony



Many other programs require you to attend treatment sessions for months or even years without any definite date as to when you might see results or an end of treatment. Having completed one course you may be advised to attend another at a later date. Not the ALC program though. It’s the fact that you only need to take one program of power sessions, to see a life long result, that most of our clients find…. well, down right amazing!

“Initially we thought that the cost of the treatment was expensive, however the benefits are lifelong.” Damon
“The cost of the treatment effectively becomes the price of a life of attainment.” Sterling
“We tried a lot of different things to help Jack and this is the only one that has produced results, quickly and for life.” Jack


No guarantee or warranty is stated or implied. While ALC Visual Dyslexia Therapy has been extremely effective for many individuals, no guarantee as to the effectiveness in any one specific case can be made by ALC – UK. Client outcomes can vary widely from individual to individual, and as such, no warranty is stated or implied.

ALC – UK is not offering its therapy as a cure for dyslexia or other learning difficulties. ALC Visual therapy is offered as a means of ameliorating or significantly diminishing some symptoms of dyslexia, attention deficit disorder and other learning disabilities related to visual processing problems.