Achieving best results from treatment as an adult

It is important to us that you achieve best results from your investment, therefore please consider the following:


If you are in employment :

  • We usually advise you to inform your manager you will need time off for training/medical reasons.
  • If you are unable to obtain the time off we advise you to seek permission for a lightened workload during time of treatment.
  • Avoid the desire to complete all your exercises before or after work.


Generally :

  • Avoid the temptation to complete your homework & eye excercises last thing at night!


Whilst we understand the temptation to complete your homework late in the evening, it is unlikely it will help you to produce best results. One of the reasons for the homework is to enable our therapists to gauge your progress. Our therapists are looking for the “best of you”, not the “tired you” that late night work portrays.


“Bunching” the exercises is not really very good for the eyes. All our cards are very portable and the exercises only take a few seconds to complete.


Please consider that you will be :

  • Attending a 1 hour (maximum) treatment session
  • Completing 2 hours of homework per day for sessions 1-4
  • Then 1 hour of homework per day for sessions 5-9
  • Plus getting tired because of the treatment itself and all that it is doing to the brain


It is perfectly acceptable for you to experience headaches & tiredness during this time. Oh and you have our permission to be grouchy too if you really need to! Don’t worry it won’t stay this way – it’s just the way some of the cogs on the top floor react to being polished.


Staying away from home while completing treatment :

If you are staying away from home while completing treatment then please be careful about committing to a busy social program! It is quite likely you will feel the need of extra sleep during this time.


While you are at the centre it is the commitment of our therapists to give you the very best of themselves.


Out of respect please may we ask that all mobile devices are left in your vehicle or switched off. It is also very important that you arrive on time to each session so that we are able to give you the full time allotted to your session and that others appointments are not impacted.


If at any point we feel it best to cancel the treatment, we reserve the right to do this and will refund you for the remaining sessions not completed.


Achieving Best Results from Treatment as an adult

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