ALC treatment program options

Remember the good old days when ice creams came in 3 only options?  Vanilla, strawberry or chocolate.


We like ‘simple’ too!
So our treatment programs come in 3 simple options:


10WP 10 Week Program – Nice & Safe
– 1 treatment session per week
– Homework completed over 5 days
– Plenty of time to master eye exercises

The 10 week option is great if you are travelling from a distance, or are finding it harder to get time off for treatment. It allows you to spread the payments out and really work on perfecting the eye exercises.  If you take this option you’ll need to a dedicated individual as it can feel like it drags on a bit.

5WP 5 Week Program – Tastes Good!
– 2 treatment sessions per week
– Some amalgamation of eye exercises
– Good middle road option if travelling

The 5 week option is the preferred if you are travelling, it allows you to keep up the momentum as well as being able to spend most of your time each week, back at base. 

2WP 2 Week Program – Just Yum!
– 1 treatment session per day
– No time to procrastinate on homework
– Over before you know it!

The 2 week option is our most sought after program.  Although it usually requires dedicating 2 entire weeks to the program, the vast majority of our clients find it well worth it, as they can really focus on getting the most out of the time and it’s gone before you know it.  After all – who can begrudge two weeks out of a life time?

Not close to our centre?
That’s just great! Staying away from home gives you complete freedom from all the normal pressures of life and enables you to really focus solely on the treatment.  It is common to feel more tired than usual during treatment and therefore much easier to get the rest you need, when you are not trying to cram in all your other responsiblities.


If you are bringing your child for treatment this time gives both of you quality time to work together and focus on the improvements you desire.


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