Aurelia 22 years – “I’ve progressed up the company tree.”

Name Aurelia
Age 22 Years
Located Scotland
Problem Areas Memory, Self Esteem, Confidence, Instructions, Maths Comprehension, Processing,
Finished Program January 2015

When Aurelia enrolled on the ALC program it wasn’t altogether clear where her struggles lay. Like many girls with dyslexia she was doing a marvellous job of masking her challenges with her ingenious compensatory strategies.

So when 9 months after treatment she wrote the following email we were just about as blown over as she was!



Hello Jessie,


I really struggle to put in words what sort of changes have come about… there are things that I used to really struggle to do, and now I do them without thinking about it.  I will give you a few examples.

I normally avoid functions like the plague, as I hate walking into a strange atmosphere, and often struggle with a weird feeling welling up inside which I struggle to get rid of… I struggle to talk to people, or find anyone I think would be interested in talking to me.  However, we went to 2 this year, and I was more confident than my sister… initially I had that welling up inside, but it disappeared 5 seconds after it came, and I was fine, I spoke to new people spied out new friends, and talked to them… it was a different me… just really confident and pushing myself forward.


Sad to say my memory is even worse now… don’t groan… I am really scatter-brained since I have had this treatment, it has almost sent me to an extreme of my real self.  However, my note-taking and my copying down has been a lot better.


I still struggle with self-esteem when talking to people I already know, as I assume they still grade me on how I was not how I am… but I am learning to overcome this.


I must say, I think it has helped in my job a lot.  I was in accounts… I am now in sales/EA to my boss.  In the last 3 months I have trained 2 people (and my boss is really chuffed with the speed in which they picked up their jobs, and gives me the credit, although I do feel it was due to the personalities as well!), and trained myself (with a little help) in 2 new jobs.  I am also on a 4 day EA course with my boss, as we need to push the business forward in this respect…so at work my self-esteem is really high, because my boss pumps me with confidence and keeps me going!!  Another thing is, he has told me he is dreading the day I leave…!!  Thankfully this is not on the horizon!!


Please don’t take the above as boasting… this is why I haven’t contacted you before, as I was not sure how you would take it, but I am really chuffed with what progress I have made up the company tree since that treatment.



Aurelia recommended we ask her boss what he thought about her progress. So we did…


Good Morning Jessie,


I appreciate you asking me about Aurelia’s progress over the last 9 months.

Before Aurelia attended your therapy I was actually unaware of her difficulties to any extent although there were times occasionally when she appeared to cross numbers which of course was a concern in her role of both purchase ledger, sales ledger and credit control.   This year we have now two new staff for these positions and Aurelia spends more time in managing them whilst coming into a role of EA for me.  She is doing very well in this role as it gives her a huge scope of work and varied interest.


One of her characteristics is to speed through work and resulting in the work 95% correct as opposed to 100%.  This I can live with as the amount she gets through easily counters any inaccuracies.  I believe she has a clearer thinking faculty and quickly adapts to change and spends a lot of time studying books to help her advance in both her personal and business life.


Whilst I can’t be too specific, evident progress has been made.


Kind regards