Dyslexia in Adults

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Maybe you are struggling to hold down a job, or find your daily parenting responsibilities overwhelming, yet you aren’t sure if you really have dyslexia.

  • Solving problems
  • Scheduling and Organizing tasks
  • Helping your children with their school homework
  • Constructing messages and emails
  • Driving
  • Writing cheques
  • Understanding instructions
  • Making yourself understood
  • Staying focused
  • Filling in forms …

Watch Glen’s Story

And having confidence in yourself are all parts of life that can be very challenging to an adult with dyslexia.

Learning strategies to help hide or cope with the difficulties is something you may have done excellently. However it is never too late to get help.

Due to the increasing need of good workplace skills to gain employment in today’s economy, ALC treats almost as many adults as students, producing some amazing results.

It is not unusual for adults who have taken the treatment program to move from physical jobs to managerial or sales positions.

Yes it truly is possible to wave goodbye to the daily stress and unlock your potential. Contact your ALC team now.


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Achieving Best Results from the treatment – as an Adult Dyslexic Starbucks employee wins discrimination case (and how your company can do better)
What does Dyslexia look like in Adults John – “Shy & reclusive.”
Damon – “Couldn’t cope with the thinking.” Guy – “Didn’t seem to be doing well at work.”
Angus – “Tell the world! It makes such a difference.” Murray – “I thought I was too old for it to work.”
Guy – “Time keeping was horrendous.” **VIDEO**  Amy – “We could read quicker than mum.”
Mandy – “I was struggling with helping my children.” **VIDEO** Aurelia – “I’ve progressed up the company tree!”
Glen – “What to do after dyslexia testing?” **VIDEO**  Dustin – “The list of improvements is endless.”
 Rama – “Driving is easier as I’m not so tired any more.”