Dyslexia in the Workplace Training

Dyslexia in the workplace is easily missed and easily misunderstood.


With so many different aspects to dyslexia and as adults dyslexics have had many years of covering up their challenges that to the less discerning eye it may well be overlooked and not understood. Additionally dyslexia workplace training is not mandatory.


However a range of training is available, and with 1 in 5 team members likely to be dyslexic, it makes sense to be able to spot it and know what to do to help.


Understanding Dyslexia Discussion with Q & A

Aimed at: HR & Department Heads

10-20 persons                   40 minutes                                        Cost:   FREE

How to handle it?

What to do about it?

How to broach the subject of dyslexia with an employee if you suspect they have it?


Recognising Dyslexia & Getting Help with Q & A

Aimed at: All Employees

20-40 persons                   40 minutes                                        Cost: Free

Top 12 Signs & Symptoms

Ways to Help Yourself

Includes free test & private Q & A sessions


Program Overview Discussion

Aimed at: Selected Employees & Line Managers

15 persons                         25 minute overview                        Cost: Free

ALC Training Program & How it Addresses the Core Problem

Individual 40 minute assessments can carried out through the rest of the day.

Standard Assessment Pricing applies.


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