Dyslexia remains in the classroom (…or is it in the workplace too?)

This week has seen break through news on a really important topic. For far too long we have thought that dyslexia stopped in the classroom. It doesn’t. It’s in the boardroom too, and the shop floor, and the factory floor. Dyslexia is in the workplace whether we like it or not and it’s time to bring it out of the cupboard and do something about it.


Starbuck’s situation would have been an easy predicament to be in, because dyslexia in the workplace is easily missed and easily misunderstood. With so many different aspects to dyslexia and as adults dyslexics have had many years of covering up their challenges that to the less discerning eye it may well be overlooked and not understood. Additionally dyslexia workplace training is not mandatory.


However a range of training is available, and with 1 in 5 team members likely to have dyslexia, it makes sense to be able to spot it and know what to do to help.


Free In-house Training and Assistance

BDA – How to be a Dyslexia Friendly Employer – Training Dates & Charges


It’s not a disease, so talk about it openly with out ridicule and be fluid – with over 30 different aspects to dyslexia, each person’s needs are different.


Dyslexics need support in the workplace as much as those physically disabled. They aren’t asking for pitying or patronising attitudes. They want to be self-sufficient. But they might need a little assistance to allow them to do that.


They may need access to tools such as spelling aids and speech recognition software.


Top 7 Affordable Dyslexia Tools:

Spelling has never been my forte, So if you are a fellow poor speller you are going to need to grab this one!

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Take the struggle out of writing when you choose Dragon Naturally Speaking, by turning your talk into text.

Never miss a word with the pen that not only writes but also records. Check out the video here.

Make reading easy with the free downloadable dyslexia friendly font. Designed for optimal reading comfort.

There is nothing as reassuring and effective for helping you get on track, than a sympathetic and understanding mentor to guide you over rough terrain. Available both at home and in the centre.



Or the delegation of certain tasks to other team members. But there is no need to fear that delegation will mean they’ll turn into a slacker. Dyslexics typically work hard, very hard – simply because they’ve had so many years of having to put in extra grit in the learning environment. For years they’ve toiled and sweated it out for the grades that their peers spent a fraction of the time over.


Regina Hartley’s (who by the way is the Human Resources Manager at UPS) – TED talk on ‘Hiring Scrappers – Why the best hire might not have the perfect resume’ makes an excellent case on why you cannot afford to fire the ‘Steve Jobs’ in your team.   Besides the fact it is plain discrimination.


Dyslexic talent in the workplace includes incredible innovation, problem solving, creativity & personality. Organisations without these individuals lack cutting edge over their competitors. With the right support and tools dyslexics will work wonders for and be incredibly loyal to organisations who invest in them.


It really doesn’t need to end in tears and court cases.  There are better solutions available to companies and their employees – like the fully claimable tax deductible ALC training program specifically designed to tackle the root cause of dyslexia, that savvy employers are using to alleviate the challenges for both parties in the work place and improve the output and morale of all involved. With surprisingly fast results, the training program tackles the root cause of dyslexic challenges such as reading, writing, spelling, handwriting, communication, anxiety, understanding, frustration, memory, time keeping, money management, prioritisation, public speaking, concentration, confidence and comprehension to name a few.


When Aurelia enrolled on the ALC program it wasn’t altogether clear where her struggles lay. Like many girls with dyslexia she was doing a marvellous job of masking her challenges with her ingenious compensatory strategies. So when she reported 9 months later that she thought it had helped in her job a lot and that in the last 3 months she had trained 2 people and trained herself in 2 new jobs it was mind blowing. And this is just one of the many amazing life changing stories.


Watch more stories at adultprogram.dyslexia-treatment.co.uk


Contact the ALC team now to find out more.



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