Dyslexic Starbucks employee wins discrimination case (& how your company can do better)

Meseret Kumulchew was lucky, very lucky and Starbucks was found wanting. However it’s an easy predicament to find yourself in as an employer.


Dyslexia in the workplace is easily missed and easily misunderstood. With so many different aspects to dyslexia and as adults dyslexics have had many years of covering up their challenges that to the less discerning eye it may well be overlooked and not understood.


My best advice is if you have a hunch, complete an online dyslexia test on their behalf – you’ll be amazed how much this can tell and the area’s that they may be struggling in that you hadn’t connected to this root cause.  Additionally check out What does dyslexia look like in adults?


It’s not a disease, so talk about it openly and be fluid – with over 30 different aspects to dyslexia, each person’s needs are different.


Finally it really doesn’t need to end in tears.  There are better solutions available to companies and their employees – like the fully claimable tax deductible training program specifically designed to tackle the root cause of dyslexia, that savvy employers are using to alleviate the challenges for both parties in the work place and improve the output and morale of all involved.


When Aurelia enrolled on the ALC program it wasn’t altogether clear where her struggles lay. Like many girls with dyslexia she was doing a marvellous job of masking her challenges with her ingenious compensatory strategies. So when she reported 9 months later that she thought it had helped in her job a lot and that in the last 3 months she had trained 2 people and trained herself in 2 new jobs I was blown over. And this is just one of the many amazing life changing stories.


Watch more stories at adultprogram.dyslexia-treatment.co.uk


To quote Regina Hartley – Human Resources Manager, UPS ‘Hire the scrapper’ because the potential in a dyslexic is literally unbelievable.


Contact the ALC team now to find out more.



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