How long does the Initial Assessment take?

An Initial assessment tends to run for 1 hour maxium.

How can I book an Initial Assessment ?

Booking your Initial Assessment can be done via our online Book Assessment form.

Where is your centre?

Our centre is based in Yeovil, Somerset (cider country).  Currently it is the only ALC centre in the UK.  The next nearest is Australia, where there are 8 centres, as well as one in New Zealand.  Because it is currently the only centre in the Northern Hemisphere we have clients from all over England, Scotland & Wales,  as well as a number flying in from as far away as France, Germany, Sweden, Holland, Uganda, America & Argentina.

Do I have to stay in Yeovil to take treatment?

No, you don’t have to stay local. Some of our clients prefer a little extra travel and the comfort of their own home whilst they are undergoing treatment. Just remember that the treatment is tiring, as there are a number of changes going on in the brain. However most of those who do travel from further afield either stay with relatives in the area or choose from nearby accommodation. Staying away can give you a fabulous opportunity to leave behind most of your daily grind and really focus on getting the best out of your treatment. Many of our clients have proved this invalue “me” time.

If I decide to stay in Yeovil for treatment, where should I stay?

We are happy to recommend a wonderful peaceful retreat called The Farmyard Retreat, which is not only new and delightfully laid out, & staffed with friendly warm people, but also very conveniently close to our centre.
Contact Gemma Snell to arrange your booking – and don’t forget to quote ALC10 for preferential treatment!

Other options include:

Hawk House – West Camel
Ash House Hotel – Ash
Liongate House – Ilchester
Knapp House – Yeovil
Meadow View Barn – Over Compton
The Church Byres – South Barrow
Premier Inn – Yeovil Town Centre
Premier Inn Airfield – Yeovil Outskirts
Southfork Caravan Park – Martock


How can I book treatment?

Booking treatment is very simple – just drop us an email with your preferred dates and we’ll check availability and get right back to you.  Be sure to let us know which treatment option you’d like to book for so we can  plan it accordingly.  At some point in the future we’d love to make it even easier to book treatment and have our available booking slots online for you.

Where can I access pricing for the Initial Assessment & Treatment Program?

Unfortunately our head office hasn’t yet allowed us to display pricing online, however drop us an email and we’ll be happy to advise you of the investment costs.

What should I bring with me to the Initial Assessment?

Please bring a copy of any recent optical reports or psychological reports you have, and your glasses prescription if applicable.

Do you treat conditions other than dyslexia?

Yes! We treat a wide range of conditions – see Much More Than The Dyslexia Label for more information.

How long does each power session take?

We anticipate that you will be at the centre for maximum of 1 hour.  Time on the machine is between 30-40minutes. This will vary from person to person, and from day to day.

Why do treatment times vary?

Each program is tailored to our clients needs and we work accordingly, even if two family members are attending – they may not both be set identical programs.

Do I need to complete all 10 power sessions?

In order to progress through the 7 layers of the visual cortex and set the changes to make the treatment effective and permanent all 10 sessions must be completed.

How can I ensure I get best results from the treatment?

There are actually a number of things you can do to ensure you get the very best results from the treatment as possible.  We’ve outlined them for you here.

How soon can I expect to see improvements?

Everyone is unique therefore it is very hard for us to give a definitive time. However we monitor the progress of clients to determine the changes they are experiencing throughout the program. Improvements are often noticed by clients within the first half of the treatment, but it is not uncommon for clients to see noticable differences as long as 6-18 months after treatment. The older we are, the more bad habits we have to unlearn and this can take time, as well as taking on new ones.

After completing all 10 power sessions will any extra work be required?

Once the treatment has been completed, we recommend continuing with eye exercises to keep your eyes in good shape. We usually provide recommendations in our final report of any further work that maybe useful.

Will I need to wear glasses?

Specialised glasses are worn during the treatment to assist in strengthening the eyes. If you wear glasses normally you may wish to have your eyes tested again after completing treatment. If your prescription was a mild one, you may not need them any more due to improvement from the treatment.

What age is too old to do the treatment?

The treatment works for clients as young as 4 and up to 80 years of age.

What is your success rate?

This is very hard for us to give a straight out answer, as not everyone sees results immediately. Additionally not all our clients provide us with feedback.  However so far from what we know it is approximately 96.2%.  The one thing we would advise is that to get the most out of this program, put everything you’ve got into it while you are on it.  It’s two weeks and you owe it to yourself to dedicate the time solely to this.  Belief in the program is also important.

Is there a guarantee?

No guarantee or warranty is stated or implied. While ALC Visual Dyslexia Therapy has been extremely effective for many individuals, no guarantee as to the effectiveness in any one specific case can be made by ALC – UK. Client outcomes can vary widely from individual to individual, and as such, no warranty is stated or implied.

ALC – UK is not offering its therapy as a cure for dyslexia or other learning difficulties. ALC Visual therapy is offered as a means of ameliorating or significantly diminishing some symptoms of dyslexia, attention deficit disorder and other learning disabilities related to visual processing problems.


Can ALC provide official diagnosis of dyslexia?

If you are looking for an official diagnosis that confirms you are dyslexic to enable you to request extra help in your studies then this is something you will need to see an Educational Psychologist for.  Such as: www.educational-psychologist.co.uk.  Or preferably a Dyslexia Assessor details of which can be found on the Patoss website www.patoss-dyslexia.org

Where else can I get help and information on dyslexia?

The following websites and groups may be of interest to you in your search:

Adult Dyslexia Centre www.adc.org.uk

Association of Dyslexia Specialists in Higher Education www.adshe.org.uk

British Dyslexia Association www.bdadyslexia.org.uk

Dyslexia Action www.dyslexiaaction.org.uk

Dyslexia Adult Network www.dan-uk.co.uk

Gifted Recruitment www.giftedrecruitment.co.uk

Lexxic www.lexxic.com

We constantly update our FAQ’s so if your question wasn’t answered here, please drop us a line with it and we’ll look at answering it here so others can benefit.

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