Free tests that can make a world of difference!

You know sometimes when something hits you ‘Ka-boom’ and you think… “Why didn’t I think of that before!?” Well we’ve been having a few of those over the last few months and we wanted to pass along to you one of them.


It is actually amazing how few of us parent’s think about getting our children’s eyesight checked out by an optician, even when they are clearly struggling to read. Yet, you know what? Eyesight tests for children don’t cost anything! Better still, should glasses be required, they don’t cost anything either in most cases!


So please, please, please if you’re reading this and someone you know is struggling to read – run the check – when did they last have their eyesight tested?


I have to put a word in for Vision Express here, because we had a client check in with us for an assessment. They had travelled from up country, and it was becoming clear that there was almost certainly a problem with clarity of sight. So Vision Express was contacted and less than 4 hours later our client walked out proudly sporting a new pair of specs!


Is there a chance you or your child could benefit from having a hearing test?


It seems pretty obvious, but it’s worth having a hearing test done too.  Again mostly these are free of charge too.


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