Is your child ready for the new school year? – As featured in Yummy Mummy

With the new school year within view, Isla’s Mum Kirstie, knew her daughter wasn’t ready for it by any means.


Kirstie: “I remember one of her teachers saying “Oh, it will be ok, she’ll catch up by the end of the year.”


That was at the beginning of this year. But as we were nearing towards March/April time, that was when I said “No, we need to get her reading, especially before next year. She can’t be going into Year 2 with no reading skills.”


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If your child isn’t ready, take advantage of the summer holidays to prepare them.  The ALC program only takes 2 weeks to complete. Enabling you to make up time before they go back to school.


Watch Isla’s video now

Kirstie Video - Dyslexia Treatment

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