Mandy 35 years – “I was struggling with helping my children.”

Mandy transformed from the shy mother whose children were over taking her, to now having the confidence to tackle anything she wishes to. No longer will her past failed attempts keep her from succeeding in new and challenging situations.

Name Mandy
Age 35 Years
Located Norfolk
Problem Areas Difficulty Reading & Preferred not to Read, Vision Issues, Spelling Issues, Working Memory Issues, Difficulty Copying Text quickly & accurately, Confused Upper & Lower Case Letters,  Short Concentration Span, Low Self-Esteem, Difficulty Remembering Instructions, Not a Confident Driver
Finished Program May 2014

Jessie Shedden – Therapist: “She reminds me a bit of a flower that’s just unfolded really. There were a lot of things that she wasn’t really prepared to try, because she failed so often that she’d given up. Given up the confidence to try.


She was being let down particularly in reading, where the words would blur from line to line or they would jump around. So she would read as little as possible. She also found in the morning to focus she was having to shut one eye. Along with that she had some pretty bad working memory issues.


When we took a look at her eyes it was clear that her near vision, so her reading vision, was nowhere near where it should be. Thankfully when she went away from us she was actually above average in her vision which was good. Particularly so in her right eye which was what we had needed to work on.”


Life was a constant struggle with no apparent end. I would get overwhelmed with too many things to do, so ended doing nothing!


I was struggling with helping my children, they were overtaking me. I wasn’t really getting anywhere in life. Then I spoke to some friends that had done a treatment program and decided that it was the thing I needed to do. They encouraged us to look at the videos online and read the literature. I think others could see perhaps clearer than ourselves perhaps to start with, that this course would help. It took my husband a little while to take in what the course offered and what it would do and how it would help. So we were a few months before we did it. But when we did it, it was definitely worthwhile.


The Commitment

The ALC Treatment Program was not complicated or difficult. However it was fairly intensive, with quite a bit of homework which must be done each day. The therapists were very friendly, understanding and easy to work with, and helped you through every step of the program. I felt that I had to put everything into the program to get the best out of the treatment. Which I did.



I used to experience ‘cloudy headaches’ but this lifted during the treatment. I had thought this was normal until I had the treatment. It was amazing to experience differences and improvements so soon during the treatment. My spellings and handwriting visibly improved within the 2 weeks of treatment.


The biggest change that my husband saw was the increase in confidence that I have had since having done this course. I will now attempt to do something completely new, that before I would have told myself I couldn’t do. Whereas now I will attempt to try it and do it very well.


Like driving a courtesy car from a dealership. That would have been far too scary a thought before, to take a car in for service and drive a car home that I wouldn’t have known.


My driving has improved a lot actually. I don’t feel like everything is coming so close to me anymore, also I find it easier getting into spaces and reversing. I park in a multi-storey carpark now, whereas before I was too scared to even attempt it. Which means I can now go shopping in my nearest city.


Writing was another big problem. I would never write a cheque in front of anyone because I was too embarrassed and I thought that I was probably spelling it wrong.


When I used to read, the lines looked like they were jumping into each other. So I used audio books instead. I don’t use them at all now, and I don’t have to put my finger under the line when I read, to keep track any more.


I feel a lot more confident to help my children with homework. Before I would have tried, but didn’t understand what they should have been doing. Now I will help them, and feel I can understand more, and have more of a grasp to help them get over little questions they’ve got. I feel I am learning with them. One of the key things is, that what I am learning, I am remembering now. It is staying in there, so my knowledge base is building up.


Understanding what the children’s teachers are saying at parent’s evenings is much easier now. My husband says I am more forthcoming with questions on the children’s educational progress and am able to understand and take in the different levels they’ve got to. Taking in what they mean, rather than just a number and a letter.


I have always enjoyed cooking, but now I will try complicated new recipes with good results rather than a disaster which would have happened before. I might even have missed out the vital ingredient!!!


I recently prepared, filled and painted my youngest son’s room – all on my own!


If Only…

If this had happened 10 years ago, we’d be 10 years further progress so things would still be getting continually better now.


I can definitely say the program was well worth it. I haven’t looked back.


There is a cost involved and I could understand perhaps an initial shock at the cost. But I would say that it was worth every penny of it. The benefits will only increase and improve as the months and years roll on.