Real Stories

Rama 31 years – “Driving is easier as I’m not so tired any more.”

Name Rama
Age 31 Years
Located Avon
Problem Areas Reading – preferred not to, Comprehension, Unable to write in a straight line, Low Self-esteem, Concentration, Copying, Handwriting, Panics, Processing, Maths Comprehension, Sore Eyes & Headaches when Reading, Putting thoughts into Words, Time Management, Fuzzy Distance Vision, Losing Place & Jumping Lines when Reading, Poor 3D Vision
Finished Program September 2015


When Rama enrolled on the ALC program he was very self-conscious & really hoped that others enrolled on the program would not notice him due to his low self-esteem. He told very few he was attending the program. He tended to panic when he was given something new to do. His high anxiety & frustrating vision issues ...Read more

Aurelia 22 years – “I’ve progressed up the company tree.”

Name Aurelia
Age 22 Years
Located Scotland
Problem Areas Memory, Self Esteem, Confidence, Instructions, Maths Comprehension, Processing,
Finished Program January 2015

When Aurelia enrolled on the ALC program it wasn’t altogether clear where her struggles lay. Like many girls with dyslexia she was doing a marvellous job of masking her challenges with her ingenious compensatory strategies.

So when 9 months after treatment she wrote the following email we were just about as blown over as she was!



Hello Jessie,


I really struggle to put in words what sort of changes have come about… there are things that I used to really struggle to do, and now I do them without thinking about it.  I will give you a few examples.

I normally ...Read more

Dustin 28 years – “The list of improvements is endless.”

Name Dustin
Age 28 Years
Located Scotland
Problem Areas Reading/Vision Issues – words fuzzy & 3D, Spelling, Working Memory, Comprehension, Unable to write in a straight line, Low Self Esteem, Short Concentration, Copying, Confused Left & Right, Times Tables, Handwriting, Time Management, Processing
Finished Program May 2015

Shortly after I married Dustin I noticed that he was struggling in many ways.


Some of the most noticeable things were his hesitation when making a decision or answering a question, and how often he was distracted mid-conversation or when reading.


I had met dyslexia back in my home country Australia, where in my brothers had taken the ALC program.


So after finding out that ALC was actually available within the UK as well, I ...Read more

John 80 years – “He was shy and reclusive.”

Name John
Age 80 Years
Located Somerset
Problem Areas Words looked 3D, Unable to copy quickly, Unsettled & Fidgety behaviour, Short Concentration Span, Trouble with Verbal Instructions, Sore Eyes & Headaches when Reading or Writing for a long time, Poor 3D Vision,
Finished Program October 2014

John had seen the results of the ALC program in his grandchildren & friends and was determined that after 80 years of battling with his own dyslexia he wanted to take the program to improve his own abilities.


Background: He took the program as he hoped to see some improvement in his peripheral vision when driving, as well as addressing his reading issues. Being at school during the war meant that his ...Read more

Amy 51 years – “We could read quicker than mum.”

Name Amy
Age 51 Years
Located Lancashire
Problem Areas Able to read, but preferred not to read at all, Read with little comprehension, When reading would miss out words, or jump across lines, Poor spelling, Couldn’t copy text quickly or accurately, Unsettled and fidgety behaviour, Short Concentration Span, Low Self-esteem – saying things like “I’m dumb.” or “I’m stupid.” or “I just can’t do it.”,
Finished Program July 2014

On the outside, Amy led a seemingly “normal” life, as a mother of 2 grown up children. However her family will tell you that, that wasn’t quite the full picture.

Background: Ever since I can remember, my mum (Amy) seemed almost crippled with a condition known as dyslexia. To ...Read more

Murray 41 years – “I thought I was too old for it to work!”

Name Murray
Age 41 Years
Located Oxfordshire
Problem Areas Reading Issues, Slow when Copying Text, Spelling, Short Concentration Span, Low Self-Esteem while at School, Trouble with Verbal Instructions, Struggled with Maths Comprehension Questions, Had Tutoring while at School, Understanding and Processing
Finished Program January 2014

Murray had issues in being able to read, to himself or out loud to others, like his children. Also being able to understand what he’d read was a problem.


Background:         I had been told ever since I was a kid that I had dyslexia, and I used to get my words in a muddle as I read. I hadn’t learnt to read until I was 14 and had 12 months of private tutoring. ...Read more

Angus 23 years – “Tell the world – it makes such a difference to life!”

Name Angus
Age 23 Years
Located Somerset
Problem Areas Stress, Reading Issues, Untidy Handwriting, Short Concentration Span, Poor Working Memory, Spelling, Confusion of Upper & Lower Case Letters when Writing, Unable to Write without Guidelines, Unsettled Behaviour, Frustration & Anxiety Problems, Low Self-Esteem
Finished Program January 2014

Angus had had learning difficulties ever since he was at school. He’d tried most things he knew of to try and help it, but with little success.


Background:         Dyslexia badly affected Angus’s school life as he could never concentrate and struggled to get any work done. He was always in trouble. Once he got to work things were better, but under pressure he became stressed easily. He had issues with concentration ...Read more

Damon 35 years – “Couldn’t cope with the thinking.”

Name Damon
Age 35 Years
Located Hampshire
Problem Areas Relieve Stress Headaches, Think More Clearly, Reading, Vision, Math Comprehension, Poor Social Skills
Finished Program May 2013

Damon & his wife and 3 children were about to move out of Hampshire to Canada. Plus there was another addition to the family, due to arrive soon. All great news, but the headaches that Damon was experiencing would cause his mind to blank off, if it couldn’t cope with the thinking.


Background:         Damon had never actually been diagnosed with dyslexia, however it was clear he had an eye problem, that was making thinking and reading difficult for him. It was suggested that we try the treatment. We had a big move ...Read more

Guy 25 years – “Didn’t seem to be doing well at work.”

Name Guy
Age 25 Years
Located Scotland
Problem Areas Low Confidence, Poor Social Interaction Skills, Needed Repetition of Instructions, Poor Connection Ability On The Phone
Finished Program December 2012

Although Guy was in employment he didn’t really seem to be doing too well. Thankfully both his employer and family cared enough to do something for him.


Background:         Guy had extensive private tuition when he was at school as we were desperate that he get something out of his years at school. He hated school, never did really well at anything- academic, PE, Music, you name it he couldn’t wait to get out of it. When he was in primary one day he just walked out of class….!


Jason 68 years – “Slow on the uptake.”

Name Jason
Age 68 Years
Located Somerset
Problem Areas Slow Developer, Lacking Organisational Skills, Poor Memory
Finished Program July 2012

After experiencing the effectiveness of the treatment on my son, I saw areas that the program could benefit myself too. My memory wasn’t that accurate and I was slow on the uptake to say the least.


Background:         Jason saw that two of his family had presented with learning difficulties and benefitted from the ALC program so decided it was worth a go for him despite his age.


Areas improved so far: In the first 1 – 2 weeks after treatment I saw progress in being better organised and more aware of others and their needs. I can ...Read more