Video Case Studies

Name : Glen
Date : January 2016

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Age 36 years
Located Harrow
Problem AreasPreferred not to read at all, Sore & Watery Eyes and Headaches when Reading, Memory Problems, Wrote in Mixed Case Letters, Bad Spelling, Unable to Write Without Guidelines, Low Self-Esteem, Concentration Issues, Rembering Instructions, Maths Comprehension, ...Read more


Name : Guy's Story
Date : 9th September 2015


Age 35 Years
Located Warwickshire
Problem Areas Reading Issues, Memory, Vision, Copying, Number & Letter Reversals, Concentration, Self-Esteem, Prioritisation, Time Management, Maths Comprehension, Poor 3D Vision, Easily Distracted, Difficulty putting thoughts into words, Prone to Motion Sickness,
Finished Program July 2014

Guy: While Elon our son (See Elon’s story) was ...Read more


Name : Mandy's Story
Date : 5th January 2015

Mandy transformed from the shy mother whose children were over taking her, to now having the confidence to tackle anything she wishes to. No longer will her past failed attempts keep her from succeeding in new and challenging situations.

Age35 Years
Problem AreasDifficulty Reading & Preferred not to ...Read more