The unexpected side effects of adult dyslexia

On 14th July The Herald proclaimed “HMRC criticised for “outrageous” treatment of dyslexic painter.” and yes, absolutely Mr Clark should not have been handled in this way. As fellow dyslexics we are all well aware that often times dyslexic are not provided with the support and assistance that they should be. Allowances are overlooked and unreasonable demands made by those who have little or no understanding of our genuine needs and requirements.


However what happened to Mr Clark is just one side effect of dyslexia.


What about the times we find ourselves in trouble unwittingly?


Having lived life feeling frustrated, incompetent and a failure we have turned to or chosen something we felt might help to lift us out of those feelings. The feelings of anxiety and negative feelings about ourselves that have crept in while we weren’t looking. Feelings that can at times be quite subtle. On the outside we might not see ourselves as depressed, not that bad. Due to their subtlety maybe even those close to us haven’t realised how down we have felt. They see us as ‘coping’ or ‘they’ve always had a struggle, it’s just them’.


Over time though fellow dyslexics, including myself have found that this has led us into unwise friendships. Started out of a need to feel wanted and worth something.


Or battling with depression due to our failure to keep up with our peers at school. This in turn has lead us to search for something that will give us a temporary high – maybe it’s shopping, eating, alcohol or worse. Lots of times we have taken on something or made a decision without realising what the long term consequences might be, because we find it hard to see ahead, to see into the future.


The worrying thing being that it’s subtle. When these subtleties continue over a period of time, they have a habit of ganging up on us. Finally overwhelming us and bringing us to a state of desperation.


A personal word from my own experience – don’t let it get to that stage and if it has, take action now! Reach out for help to treat the root cause, the dyslexia. Antidepressants aren’t the long term answer. Neither is the next ‘high’.


“I would be crazy if I said the ALC program is the right program for everyone, however it is the one that’s helped me and a host of other fellow dyslexics.


Since taking the program 2 ½ years ago, the lifestyle impact has been very noticeable. My ability to see the ‘big picture’, the long term consequences of something are significantly improved. Handling life and feeling in control of my thoughts, processes and feelings changed dramatically. Enabling me to be a more rational person, rather than the emotional-ballistic-missile that I used to be. Thinking more rationally also allows me to learn from my mistakes, so that I don’t have to repeat them.”


Jessie – ALC Therapist


It is acknowledged that a good portion of those serving criminal sentences are quite likely dyslexics and certainly have very low reading & writing abilities. Those cases are likely to be at the more severe end of the spectrum & cases where intervention came to late or not at all.


ALC is very used to provide support to both adult’s struggling with dyslexia who are finding their lives being strangled by the side effects it brings and concerned parents of dyslexics, want to set them up right for their path ahead.


Contact them now on 01935 403260 or email them.

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