Top 10 Reasons Why People Choose the ALC program

When it comes to dyslexia there is actually quite a lot available to help cope with day to day life.  There are many, many different options to choose devoted to assessing, tutoring, handwriting, spelling, physical exercise, glasses and much more besides.  Some are specifically for children, while others might require months of application prior to seeing any tangible results and of course all have differing effects on each and every individual person.


So the question begs asking – why the ALC program as opposed to any other dyslexia treatment option?  It’s a really great question, in fact not just great but actually important.


The team here at ALC thought they knew – but doing the safe thing, we chose to reach out to our clients and ask them “Why ALC?”  and here’s what they said:


Here’s the Top 10 reasons why others are choosing the ALC treatment program:


1) Its quick! – Only 10 sessions all told
2) Fast results – results can often be seen within days and sometimes even hours
3) Its non-invasive
4) No long term side effects (wearing of glasses or tinted glasses etc.)
5) Its 100% unique – nothing else provides such outstanding results for such little input
6) The results are cumulative
7) Its all-encompassing in both ages and range of needs
8) It works for adults as well as children
9) It is worth every penny
10) It works! & you can’t get better than that!


Well, we don’t know what you think, however we think that’s 10 pretty good reasons!


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