What does dyslexia look like in adults?

Ever wondered what dyslexia looks like in adults?  Well nows your chance to find out.  The team at the ALC treats almost as many adults with dyslexia as children and we see the same frustrations come up again and again.


So here’s the top 6 frustrations for you:

Poor Memory & Time Issues
Vision & Reading Issues
Communication Skills
Anxiety & Frustration Levels
Maths & Directions
Lack of Awareness



What does dyslexia look like in adults?

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2 thoughts on “What does dyslexia look like in adults?

  1. I have tried several times to get the above poster sent to my email address but it never arrives.

    Please could you send to me the ‘What does it feel like to have dyslexia as an adult’.

    Thanks – Steven

    1. Steven,

      Please accept our apologies for this. I have emailed a copy to you now. If you don’t receive this, please let me know.

      Thanks for reaching out, so we could fix this for you.

      Best – Jessie

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