Glen 36 years – “What to do after dyslexia testing?”

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Name Glen
Age  36 years
Located  Harrow
Problem Areas Preferred not to read at all, Sore & Watery Eyes and Headaches when Reading, Memory Problems, Wrote in Mixed Case Letters, Bad Spelling, Unable to Write Without Guidelines, Low Self-Esteem, Concentration Issues, Rembering Instructions, Maths Comprehension, Reversing Letters and Numbers, Difficulty Putting Thoughts into Words, Poor at Team Sports, Prone to Motion Sickness
Finished Program  January 2016


“Spelling has definitely been a big issue for me. Even with spell correction, I’d still struggle with even getting the word near enough to get the correct word.” Says Glen Shaw a skilled brick layer from Harrow. “I’d be typing and searching and it’s pretty embarrassing because I worked as a site manager & was dealing with people that owned £6,000,000 or £7,000,000 houses.”


Social Complications:

Glen also says that he feels the course has brought to him an understanding, because trying to explain something and not knowing what some larger words actually mean, makes having a free flowing conversation very hard. “How can you get a thought out of your mind unless you how to express yourself – it’s a massive thing.” He comments.


He goes on “Between that and the problem of not being able to look someone straight in the eye, you end up being a really quiet person even though your mind is racing and there are loads of thoughts going through but you are not communicating very good..


“I could have gone out on a Friday night and talked to no one all night and just got drunk and went home – it definitely definitely affects the socialising side of things. I would always find it would be a long time before I would have trusted anybody.” He shares.


What to do after dyslexia testing?:

When he took to the internet to get some help here’s what he found: “It’s a complete mine field the amount of information that’s out there. There were people advertising dyslexic tests and the test was £400 and then it was like, ‘What happens after the test?’ and no one seemed to have any answers.


You’re like ‘Well I’m already at a point where I’m pretty sure there is something really badly wrong and you’re just telling me the fact.’ The internet seems full of the testing but there’s no follow on. Where do I go when the tests done? It wasn’t going to do me any good running about with a certificate that I’m dyslexic! It didn’t seem like it was going to fix very much.”


It was at this point of that Glen was fortunate to find the ALC program, which he says he feels has hit the problem that he has right on the head. “I do feel like it’s the exact thing. Honestly I do. It’s spot on to what was bothering me all this time. I feel like I want to learn now. I feel like it’s not scary any more and I just want to eat up information.” He says emphatically. Quite a statement from someone who had been struggling with reading problems only 3 week earlier.


Saving himself over £19,400:

Glen has amazingly actually gone on to claw back substantial money after completing his course: He explains: “For years and years I’ve been behind with my tax returns. I never could actually get one of them completely done. It’s a bit ridiculous, but it ended up going on for about 5 or 6 years – it just broke me into a sweat each time I did it. After day 6 of the course, I got back to my flat probably about 3PM and I finished two years that night! Out of the two years tax returns, instead of me having a predictive bill, I actually had £3,500 come back to me. Just recently I completed two more years and again instead of a bill, I have over £7,000 come back to me.”


“I’ve also cleaned up my VAT – where I had a predictive bill of £8,900 which really was zero. I just have the confidence to go through and fill it out now. In fact all my friends at work ask me to do their tax returns now!”


He concludes with: “I’ve got more than what I thought I would get out of the program and I would definitely recommend it, I think it’s a really good thing for anyone at any age.”


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